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ENVOY Announces ENV Token Launch Dates on DAO Maker,, and PancakeSwap

In a flurry of exciting news, premium NFT agency ENVOY recently announced the launch dates for its ENV Token.

ENVOY has put out the launch dates on DAO Maker,, and PancakeSwap, with the initial DEX offering for ENV starting running from November 1st - 2nd. 

As soon as the IDO is finished, you can expect listings on PancakeSwap and on 3rd November. 

"Super excited to launch ENV and kickstart the Envoy community," ENVOY CEO Bram Verstraeten said while speaking on the launch. 

"Envoy has already demonstrated that our model works, onboarding several high-profile projects as proof of concept. Shortly after launch, token holders will be able to trade ENV tokens on, and Pancake Swap and participate in the living Envoy community."

Meanwhile, Envoy's ENV Token should be live on the Ethereum blockchain in no time. Its initial circulation is expected to be 5.5 million tokens with a maximum supply of 100 million. What's more, this IDO will imply an initial market capitalization figure of $1.375 million.

ENVOY Is Steadily  Extending Its Reach Across NFT Space

The platform has set its sight on the wider space of entertainers and non-visual artists while connecting established actors, influencers, artists, esports teams, festivals, and any relevant mass culture creator with their fans and community.

NFTs that ENVOY sponsors are tipped to become a more involved and emotional way holders can connect with popular and established artists. 

Undoubtedly, with non-fungible tokens dominating mainstream media and becoming more valuable, Envoy is allowing enterprises and users to connect with NFT artists easily. 

Besides, collectors will have unrivaled access to some unique and premium NFTs from some of the popular brands in the world.

As Envoy takes on the NFT space, ENV tokens are at the core of its community, fostering and solidifying a unique sense of trust and participation.

These tokens serve governance voting purposes as well as guarantee exclusive access to select product features. Besides, holders can use ENV to buy NFTs and real-world merch of their choice. 

More so, they can stake and farm ENV tokens to earn rewards in the form of Pearl collectibles. ENV also grants you access to exclusive events and NFTs via ENVOY VAULT™. With a keen and enthusiastic community following its stride in the NFT space, ENVOY has set out on the right path. 

What’s More About Envoy Network

Envoy is a premium NFT community-focused setup that a group of industry experts from a selection of global organizations started in 2021.

The platform allows fans to buy and trade unique digital assets from some of their favorite celebrities and artists without necessarily being crypto experts. 

ENVOY collaborates with some of the world's established and renowned talents, including actors, artists, popular media influencers, festivals, IP owners, esports companies, publishers. 

Such collaborations can only mean that fans get to choose from several unique and impactful NFTs that ENVOY puts out.

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