VirgoCX sorts the NFT market with new brokerage service

NFTs have continued their accelerated growth over the past few months, with thousands of these assets being minted, bought, and sold every day. The market for NFTs has grown exponentially over the course of the year with over a 3.5 billion trading volume only in August. Naturally, it has become overwhelming for many users to navigate the burgeoning space. 

Canadian trading platform VirgoCX will be adding an NFT Brokerage Service. Founded in 2018, the company has long been focused on providing a compliant, easy, and affordable experience for users. It will now be tapping into the opportunity found in the NFT market by providing new collectors with a service that will aggregate filtered information.

This will add value to them as they browse through millions of new items that are minted in the space every day. Moreover, VirgoCX will become the first to offer these services in Canada.

Adam Cai, CEO of VirgoCX, commented on the new service: “The VirgoCX NFT Brokerage business adds needed liquidity to the market. We aim to enable clients to buy and sell NFTs in a timely manner and provide them with the necessary tools to make informed decisions. The goal is to bring more transparency and consolidation to the highly divided NFT market.”

Users on the platform will now be able to search, trade, mint, and collect the trendy NFTs on the platform. The new NFT Brokerage Service will operate similarly to the already popular over-the-counter (OTC) trading solution, including a feature where users will have access to insights into the fast-evolving NFT market.

It will also offer users competitive fees and a quick turnaround. Altogether, this will provide users with an easy, compliant, all-in-one solution for all things NFT.

VirgoCX NFT brokerage services are available at: https://virgocx.ca/en-otc-nft-brokerage.

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