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Herocat GameFi - Building a Metaverse

Herocat is a Hero Cat metaverse where players earn tokens by playing games and generating community contributions.

Introducing Herocat GameFi

Herocat is a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) entertainment game built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It is a Play-to-Earn (P2E) game where users participate and get mining rewards. Herocat GameFi’s mission is to allow players to play for fun while generating income. 

The game is a metaverse about cat heroes, bringing players a new P2E GameFi experience. Players can use the protocol’s native Hero Cat Token ($HCT) to fight, develop, upgrade, and join battles. Along with playing to earn, players can also earn by contributing to the community. 

Herocat GameFi has been listed in the top 7 of Dappradar BSC GameFi ranking and is the only game yet to be fully launched on the ranking board. The game will fully launch on December 28th.  

Herocat GameFi Ecosystem 

Mining Pet (NFT) 

Every player can purchase a Mining Pet (NFT) on Herocat GameFi. The NFT will mine automatically and yield $HCT. By feeding Mining Pet HCT or other cryptocurrencies, players can upgrade the hash-rate of the Mining Pet. As the hash-rate increases, more HCT is produced. HCT fed to Hero Cat will be destroyed, and other cryptocurrency will be distributed to the community. Over 90,000 players have purchased Mining Pets. This figure is constantly increasing at a rate of 1000-2000 daily. 

Trading NFT Heroes in the Open Market 

NFT Heroes on Herocat GameFi are of different rarities and attributes. Players can trade these NFTs in the NFT market and get paid. 

Play To Earn 

The Herocat game is entirely PlayToEarn. By winning the fight or battle, players get rewards. 

Upgrade Heroes 

Herocat GameFi utilizes a level system. As a result, players upgrade levels while they play the game. In addition, players can purchase food to feed their NFT Heroes and upgrade them while they progress in the game. 

Multiple Storylines 

Players can start their adventures with the storyline they like. The game is highly comprehensive and competitive for gamers as they can play different storylines and earn extra rewards. 

One on One Challenge 

Players can also battle against each other to earn rewards. 

Overview of the Herocat GameFi ecosystem 

The Hero Cat Token (HCT) 

The Hero Cat Token (HCT) is the in-game currency of the Herocat GameFi ecosystem. Players can mine HCT in the game or contribute to the community. The token is the foundation of the democracy of the Herocat community. 

HCT holders have control of Herocat’s future. They have the right to vote for future developments. The amount of HCT a user holds will determine the user’s privileges. Additionally, HCT can purchase services and goods on the Herocat gaming platform. 

Herocat Guilds

Another exciting feature is the Herocat Guilds. Players from different countries around the world can join Guilds to help feed the Guild Monsters. Guilds provide multiple ways for players to communicate with each other. They can not only send messages in the world channel, they also can compete with other players in the Guild Arena and contest the wild mining pool.

Referral Rewards 

Players earn $HCT rewards when they refer their friends to join the platform. The more friends players invite, the more HCT rewards they obtain. The large influx of users means that more HCT will be distributed to users every day. Thus, HCT is linked to the number of players in the Herocat metaverse. 

Herocat Making Big Moves on Binance Smart Chain 

The NFT GameFi platform continues to establish itself as a top name in the gaming industry on BSC. Herocat GameFi has successfully registered for the Binance Most Valuable Builder program MVB4. With this in mind, the protocol has a chance to receive funding, expert support, and access to the ever-growing BSC ecosystem. 

The registration is a huge indication of what Herocat plans to achieve in the long run. The protocol intends to build one of the best gaming metaverses on BSC. Following the successful MVB4 program registration, Herocat has also struck a partnership deal with Mobox, a top name for NFT gaming on BSC. 


The Herocat team has been doing research and developing its ecosystem. However, the protocol’s core mission remains to create a consensus metaverse of solid engagement with community members to build a solid P2E game. With the game’s launch on the horizon, we expect to witness an entertaining P2E experience on BSC. 

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