Satoshi Island- The First Real-World Private Island Which Aims To Be A Crypto Capital

A private crypto-focused island in the South Pacific has announced that after two years of development it is ready to launch a crypto-hotspot with the aim to become the crypto capital of the world. 

By purchasing Satoshi Island Land NFTs, holders will be provided with a corresponding physical land title with which they can choose to develop their property on the South Pacific nation of Vanuatu. Additionally, smart homes called “Satoshi Island Modules” are ready to be shipped in to be used as homes or offices.

The unique form of NFTs would enable purchasers to buy and sell their real estate, with the option to hold a more traditional form of ownership in the form of a Property Token which will provide the holder with physical documentation on the official land registrar of Vanuatu.

James Law, director of James Law Cybertecture and chief architect of Satoshi Island noted:

“Living, working and visiting Satoshi Island will be an experience like no other. The tech industry in Silicon Valley, the entertainment industry in Los Angeles and soon the crypto community will have its own mecca”

With approval from the Vanuatu Ministry Of Finance, Satoshi Island will be built on the core fundamentals that underlie blockchain including a totally democratic system which aims to be the first real-world crypto economy and blockchain-based democracy. The Island has crypto-friendly laws and a development process that is provided by world renowned architectural firm, James Law Cybertecture.

While there are now a number of crypto-friendly locations across the world, including El Salvador which recently became the first country in the world to qualify Bitcoin as legal tender, Satoshi Island is specifically designed for crypto professionals and enthusiasts worldwide to innovate and collaborate.

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