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PlaytoEarn Project Zombie World Z Combines Metaverse and VR on BSC

Virtual Reality on the Metaverse appears an ambitious offering, but this is what may come to fruition if ZWZ is to be believed.

Virtual Reality PlaytoEarn Project on the Metaverse

In such a saturated GameFi market, many will be skeptical of ZWZs chances of success, the team behind the project hopes that what they are offering will set them apart.

A term that has been bandied about by the project in various social media channels is ‘Virtual Reality.’

What is not immediately apparent is how this virtual reality aspect will be implemented. The hardware to make such a prospect easily accessible for users obviously requires a good deal of investment, which cannot be guaranteed at this stage. This does not, however, seem to have dissuaded the team who tweeted on December 14th:

“Zombie World Z is an NFT game is expected to become a new breakthrough in game industry, in which players can both entertain and generate income through the trading of characters and weapon system on the NFT marketplace.“

However, the project intends to press ahead with the whitelisting phase already finishing up in anticipation of the upcoming IDO. The details of the winning wallet can be found here.

With the market enduring, general momentary pullback questions have already arisen regarding how far we’ve come. With so much having been achieved with NFTs and indeed GameFi, people are at loggerheads when forecasting what 2022 may have in store. 

Source: Overview of ZWZ by BSC Station

An encouraging and redeeming feature comes in the fact that GameFi projects are beginning to up their game on what they can offer users.

One thing is for sure: if projects like ZWZ are to ensure success, they must deliver on the ambitious promises they make in the early phases of their building. BSC News will be following closely to see just how much progress can be made by this team.

What is Zombie World Z?

Zombie World Z is upgraded and developed based on Zombie Idle Defense – a game that is self-described as successful and established in the market. Currently, the publisher has transformed the upgrade by applying blockchain technology and metaverse to game mining in a new aspect with a game economy tied to Tokens and blockchain on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

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