Get your metaverse experience with CryptoCity Metaverse’s newest release

Is the term “metaverse” familiar to you? Then you know that change is just around the corner, with 3D images and noises to accompany you on your digital journey, all in the comfort of your own home. The Metaverse transforms the way people socialize and is now spreading its services into the crypto world.

Blockchain technology provides the most direct path to a worldwide inclusive and organically viral Play-to-Earn economy. One of the platforms that have already accepted this new change is CryptoCity Metaverse. This is a parallel ecosystem that links individuals and projects together, and they have recently launched its latest product, CryptoGuards, which offers a new metaverse experience.

What does the CryptoCity Metaverse ecosystem stand for?

The CryptoCity Metaverse is the foundation of the whole ecosystem. The platform provides a play-to-earn model, where individuals may enjoy the metaverse experience by having the opportunity to be represented as avatars. This first step into the metaverse realm recognizes the community as more than merely a click-to-earn paradigm.

CryptoGuards, along with its other services, CryptoPlanes, and CryptoCars, is one of the newest products in the CryptoCity ecosystem. Initially, the platform was created as a GameFI, and it served as the project’s foundation. This way, the platform provides components of the play-to-earn features, combined with the realism of the metaverse experience, making everything more dynamic.

CryptoCars and CryptoPlanes are two autonomous community-driven initiatives built solely on self-improvement without the help of a third party. They provide consistent, healthy, and long-term growth to all their investors.

The beginning of a metaverse experience

Individuals inside the ecosystem can pick from various ways to spend their time. The platform currently offers only two games, with more on the way:

  • CryptoCars: Inspired by the 2006 animation “Cars”, this game provides a variety of racing modes for players to enjoy. These include Virtual Races, Players vs. Computers, Players vs. Players, and Tournaments. The NFT Blockchain Technology assists them in proving ownership of digital assets.
  • CryptoPlanes: This is an extension of the CryptoCity Metaverse, where the well-known NFT racing game CryptoCars was established. The game brings real sensations to the users as they are in the air having stunning NFT planes and engaging game styles.

Their achievements so far

Along the process, CryptoCity Metaverse has risen and achieved a place in the top 20 most popular Metaverse projects on CoinMarketCap. It has been noticed by and has left a unique impact on investors with its true play-to-earn approach and exciting gaming experience.

With the next release of the CryptoGuards, they will achieve even more and create the ideal atmosphere for their members and future users to enjoy and be there for the entire ecosystem.

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