Shiba Inu ($SHIB) Bet Turns Warehouse Manager Into a Millionaire

A 35-year-old former supermarket warehouse manager who first started researching cryptocurrencies in a bid to “modestly grow the tens of thousands of dollars in savings” he had built over time, has become a millionaire thanks to Shiba Inu ($SHIB).

The former warehouse manager started moving his funds into Shiba Inu over time, and even converted some of his other cryptoassets into it. The cryptocurrency’s price went up 1,200 times from February to May, and at the time Rob started partially exiting his position, withdrawing $500,000 worth of SHIB.

Over the last six months, SHIB is up over 680%, despite losing part of its value over the last few weeks.

SHIBUSDT Chart via TradingView

Speaking to Forbes, Rob noted he came from a poor background and “cried a lot” after cashing out his SHIB investment. Initially, he kept checking his bank account to ensure the funds didn’t disappear. As a manager, he earned $68,000 a year, but after his successful investment, he quit his job to become a stay-at-home father.

The remainder of Rob’s investments are now split between SHIB and other cryptoassets from the SHIB ecosystem, including LEASH, a token that’s considered to be a store of value among the meme-inspired cryptocurrency’s supporters because of its limited supply.

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SHIB’s price performance has been such that, as CryptoGlobe reported, an investor who in August 2020 bet $8,000 on the meme-inspired cryptocurrency at one point saw the value of his tokens swell past $5.7 billion.

 Shiba Inu has even become the third-most Googled cryptocurrency so far this year. A study has shown Shiba Inu received 2.8 million searches on average per month so far this year, while bitcoin received 22 million average monthly searches. In second place came Ethereum, with 6.3 million average searches per month.


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